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LaFlamme (James) is probably in the studio right now. At ten years old, he picked up his dad’s Fender and began noodling. The noodling became a passion, and obsession. As an early teen he'd become self-taught on pirated softwares such as Acid Pro & Frooty Loops making joke songs on his PC with friends. After being voted “most likely to become a rock star” (whatever that means) by high school peers, James moved to Toronto to pursue the craft of audio engineering at Harris Institute. Graduating with honours in a highly competitive program he quickly found work as a full time ad writer at The Eggplant Collective producing ad music for radio & TV.  This was his first steps into a professional career as a music producer & writer. He’d go on to sell TV & radio jingles to companies like McDonalds, Walmart, Tim Hortons, Ikea, Infiniti, Bell, TVO, and more.

With roots in audio sampling, James was quickly drawn into the genre of Lofi Hip Hop, a downtempo, instrumental, casual, ambient form of hiphop production. He's also landed many of his original works on shows like Orphan Black, Lucifer, Workin’ Moms, Hudson & Rex and co-writing lyrics to theme music from the anime Incredible Ant. 

For folks like James, music is in their blood which means there is no real beginning and no real end to the musical journey.





Have a song written & arranged and want to bring it to life? Let's start by turning that voice note into a demo. Have a track started but want to see what it could sound like with another set of ears on it? Send some stems over and we can co-produce an already started track.



Need a super affordable and cozy place to record your vocals, acoustic guitar, or voice over? I got you, and with super reasonable hourly rates.



Does your track need a bit of a rinse? Let's tackle that the old fashioned way with a good set of monitors & ears. I guess the UAD gear also helps.

Rates sheets for all these services are totally available, head over to the 'contact' page or shoot me an e-mail at

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